Hi, I'm Billgo.

A full-stack web developer finding robust, accessible solutions.

I enjoy building software that enables people to live better, well-being or performance. I’m currently working at BRIDGE5.ASIA as a CTO.

I help clients turn ideas into web applications. I help develop projects from start to completion and help get them up. I write code and manage developer teams, maintain and develop companies' products as well as my own projects.

When I'm not coding, I prefer to reading and hiking.


A selection of my peronal projects and open source work. I keep more code and contributions over at my Github.


Another resource description framework base on React.js

  • React.js

a julia package for the real estate industry.

  • Julia

Another enterprise microservice framework base on Node.js

  • Node.js

Help people get into the habit.

Storybook is a fantastic tool for developing UI components, but there are a few tricks to pairing it with Vue. Here's a collection of…


Introduction The Asset Management Software & Solution.

Learn React.js and everything related to it: yarn, state, styling, git, publishing

Introduction The Asset Management Software & Solution.